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University Professor



Thierry Granier teaches Finance Law, Banking Law and Arbitration Law.  He is the co-director of the Centre of Economic Law for at the Aix-Marseille University. During his academic career spent in France and abroad, he has specialised in Commercial Law and Company Law with a particular interest for OHADA (Organisation for the Harmonisation of African Business Law).


For more than ten years, most of his publications have been centred on Finance Law and Auditors. 

Thierry is the author of numerous articles in these fields and is co-author of several works: 


  • Investments Funds (Les fonds d’investissements), Lamy Axe Droit, November 2013.

  • Finance Law (Droit financier), Dalloz, Précis collection, 2nd ed. 2012, a work which following its first edition in 2008 received the legal Oscar prize for Company and Markets law (Thierry is the author of the section on regulated financial markets);

  • Payment and credit instruments – Securitisation (Instruments de paiement et de crédit – Titrisation), (Thierry is the author of the section on Securitisation), Dalloz, Précis collection, 2nd ed. 2010;

  • Financial, Tax and Legal Engineering (Ingénierie financière, fiscale et juridique), Dalloz Action, 2nd ed. 2009-2010 (Thierry is the author of the section on Securities - equities giving access to capital / issue, buyback and reduction of securities / Obligatory Securities).

  • Securitisation – Legal and Financial Aspects (La titrisation - Aspects juridique et financier), Economica, 2nd ed. 2004;

  • The internet and financial transactions (Internet et transactions financières), Economica, ed. 2002;

  • The Auditor (Le commissaire aux comptes), Dalloz, 1995.


Thierry was appointed by the National Company of Auditors (CNCC) to draft legal studies in the professional publications (Disciplinary liability of auditors, CNCC Editions 2008; Shareholders’ information, CNCC Editions, 2nd ed. 2003). 


Expert Consultant to DIAMETIS

  • Thierry brings his invaluable and diverse experience and expertise to the firm's French and international clients, in matters of Finance Law, Banking Law and Company Law.

  • In his areas of expertise, Thierry provides legal opinions tailored to specific client needs. Depending upon the types of request, Thierry conducts in-depth research and advises on the state of the law, legal uncertainties and risks, developments in EU or international law and the best possible legal solutions. 

Thierry is involved in drafting:

  • Legal opinions;

  • Guidelines and guidebooks to assist with strategic topics;

  • Factsheets on key case law or complex regulations.

Thierry can also: 

  • provide specific alerts and updates;

  • organise training courses.



  • Financial markets.

  • Financial instruments (offer of securities, financial product marketing). 

  • Securitisation and structured finances.

  • Financial market professionals.

  • Banking and financial regulation.

  • Auditing.

  • Company law.

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