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Prix de l'Innovation 2015
Diametis Avocats Paris
Diametis & Legal 500

DIAMETIS is a boutique law firm providing corporations and individuals with a wide range of legal services. Having practised for over ten years at top-tier law firms, the founders of DIAMETIS have acquired extensive legal expertise (finance, banking and securitisation, company law, mergers and acquisitions, labour law, intellectual property law and new technology law).

DIAMETIS aims at providing clients with high-end legal services on a more human scale with lawyers providing legal expertise, based on their distinct professional experience. One of the partners worked for an internationally listed company. The counsel, a university professor provides legal assistance in financial and corporate law.

DIAMETIS provides premium service delivery through the permanent and personal involvement of its partners handling all legal files. Its aim is to provide each client with innovative services based on the expertise of each of its partners.

DIAMETIS has an extensive network of best friend law firms, enabling it to intervene efficiently in many foreign jurisdictions.

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