Optimising financial leverage.


DIAMETIS advises companies, banks or investment funds on their legal issues relating to financing, whether obtained directly from financial markets or in a structured manner through dedicated special purpose vehicles (SPVs). 


DIAMETIS is involved in complex financial operations, from designing legal structures to drafting and negotiating all legal documents necessary for financing. 


DIAMETIS also assists clients with cases requiring specialists in derivatives, swaps, project financing or tax issues relating to finance law.


DIAMETIS analyses financing and securitisation operations within a company or group of companies to identify the legal consequences of any corporate reorganisation (acquisition, merger or de-merger). We can also act regarding debt restructuring as well as the entry or exit of investors in financing operations.


Structuring operations for growth and reorganisation of companies.


DIAMETIS assists companies, their directors and shareholders, in defining overall strategies for external growth, divestment or restructuring and then manages the legal and tax aspects of such operations.


DIAMETIS handles the drafting, negotiation and execution of contracts.


DIAMETIS advises its clients regarding on or off market fundraising operations. The most innovative corporate and finance solutions (relating to complex securities, securitisation, structured finance) are designed and implemented to reconcile the interests of the company and its shareholders with those of its prospective investors.


DIAMETIS creates, for company groups and their shareholders, agreements governing their relationships: shareholders agreements, family agreements and liquidity agreements.


DIAMETIS helps companies to design profit-sharing strategies using the most appropriate legal tools to best motivate directors and employees.


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