Outsourcing legal services is a flexible solution, balancing cost control with expectations for specific outcomes. 


DIAMETIS assists, by way of secondment, to supplement any insufficient internal resources and/or to most effectively handle all or part of your legal issues (whether a business, an association or a professional organisation).


Depending on the size and constraints of your business, the required task to be performed, we will assess your specific needs and draft an agreed timetable setting out: 

• an objective-based approach (i.e., dispute reduction, handling an overload of legal work, transitional arrangements or need for expertise) and/or

• a service-based approach (i.e., improving profitability through loss-prevention strategies relating to business activities that are particularly exposed to risk).



Support and assistance for directors and operational personnel :

• Negotiation, drafting, approval and monitoring of commercial contracts.

• Assisting your business with contractual documentation for specific projects such as tenders or internal growth.

• Strategic advice on all aspects of your company's day-to-day activities (managing the termination of employment contracts, labour dispute prevention and resolution).


Optimising contracts :

• Legal oversight and information sharing.

• Setting up a precedents database for your business (standard form contracts, general terms and conditions of sale and/or purchase).

• Establishing internal procedures and contract processes.


Portfolio and Intellectual Property (IP) Management :

• Overseeing filings, renewals, supervising trademarks, domain names in association with IP advisers (in France and abroad).


Handling of personal data :

• Compliance auditing, freedom of information and data protection strategies, completing formalities for the French National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL) and international regulators. 

• Drafting information references, data transfer contracts (Cloud Computing) and codes of conduct for the protection of personal data. 


Development of a legal awareness culture within your business, "knowledge management" for directors :

• Informational presentations to operational personnel on the legal risks connected with their jobs and practical solutions to be implemented on a daily basis.

• Drafting conduct rules and compliance programmes to prevent your company or your

directors from being sued.


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